About Doodles

Labradoodle, Goldendoodle and Doodles in general have become so popular that breeders are breeding for the popularity of these and not for the benefit of the breed itself.

Popularity breeding is instant rewards: Rewards for both the Breeder (cost effective) and the Buyer (affordable) You don’t always get what you want! Although they are not guaranteed 100%, some first generation doodles are reliable for low to non-shedding and hypoallergenic. For this reason they are affordable perfect family pets.

Benefit breeding takes time and effort: Paying attention to Genetics – Choosing the right Sire and the right Dam. Putting together Genetics that Compliment one another, to produce the best quality. Benefits the Breed by enhancing it to be what it was meant to be, high percent of non-shedding and hypoallergenic Doodles while maintaining the 50/50 mix of both breeds to ensure Hybrid Vigor better health and a breed less prone to genetic plaques. Breeding for Benefit is not a quick process, nor is it inexpensive, and that cost usually is reflected in the price to the buyer and the cost to the Breeder in purchasing higher quality breeding stock. Benefits the Buyer Family with Allergies by giving them what they need in order to have a family pet.

It’s all in the Genes.. Genetics are one of the most important ingredients in this mixture. A breeder may have taken his best Lab and bred her to the finest Poodle, had a litter of twelve of the most adorable puppies he has ever seen. Out of those twelve there may be one may be two that will qualify genetically to be a generational breeder. These are you First Generation Doodles (F1), if bred for the Benefit, these are good quality dogs and are reliable to the Genetics. They are not 100% Guaranteed to be Allergy & Asthma Friendly or to be shed free. Close attention in Genetic breeding has allowed for success rates so far in the (F1), and with consistent attention to Benefit the Breed, Breeder and Buyer. My intention is to enhance the breed by breeding the best First Generation Doodle to First Generation Doodle for producing Second Generation (F2) and offering them at continued affordable cost. Second Generation Doodles are still not Guaranteed 100%, currently the success rates are extremely high to be Allergy & Asthma Friendly making this Generation more reliable for families where there are Allergy Suffers or like me that do not want the ongoing shed problem.

I have stated many times that Doodle to Doodle produces a Noodle Mutt! And I still believe it does, unless one uses Genetic guidelines, Any ole Doodle won’t Do! Out of 100’s of puppies I have produced 6 that meet my qualifications for producing Second Generation Doodles. After all of my homework /research I have taken a 180* on the F1 bred to F1 as long as strong Positive Genetics Apply to Benefit the Breed, I still feel that back crossing a F1 bred to Poodle = F1b produces a 66% Poodle/33% Lab and takes away some of the Lab traits of the doodle breed and you might as well go buy a Poodle! I am not in favor of back crossing F1 x Poodle , I plan to continue to produce lower generation doodles F1 and True F2 to fulfill the crucially important need to ensure genetic diversity and studies have shown that breeding quality low generation Doodles produces excellent success. We do not want to see the same genetic problems that we currently see many purebred dogs being plagued with.

What do I look for in my breeding pairs?

ONLY health tested dogs with excellent temperaments. It does not matter what Generation it all starts in the Genes! Smart,clever,friendly,joyful,sociable,loving,non-aggressive,intuitive,active, comical, giving and fun-loving…these are true Doodle traits that are derived from the parent breeds.

Sound Health
Family oriented
Loyal personality
Easy to train
Low to Non-Shedding