Payment & Shipping Details

Payment Information

I accept the following payment options:

1.*****Postal Money Orders: This is the least expensive transaction as long as time allows and is preferred payment method. By sending overnight and providing a tracking number the pup of your choice will be placed on “PENDING” and marked “SOLD” on receipt of payment.
2.*****Wal-Mart money grams: are not very expensive and are located nearby in most areas …….
3.*****PayPal : With a credit/debit card or a paypal acct. I simply send you an invoice so that we both have record, this is easy, safe and secure. Paypal does charge an acceptance fee of 3% and I do require the buyer to cover that.
4.*****Western Union: very expensive and locations are sometimes hard to find. I do not accept personal checks, cashier checks or bank transfers. I require a 50% NON REFUNDABLE deposit to hold your choice puppy and the remaining balance 1 (ONE) week prior to shipping. Full payment must be received before final shipping arrangements are made. If you have additional questions regarding payment info. Please contact me.
Thank You!
Sharon “Dawgma”

  Shipping Information:

I go through an Agency that gets us the best shipping prices available and ensures the best care for our precious cargo. I use American Airlines/Continental Airlines and shipping is a one day service.

Our Precious Cargo leaves out of Joplin Mo. or Tulsa, Oklahoma, depending on avail flights. Departing times are depending on seasonal weather, in summer month’s we take really early am flights to avoid heat and winter month’s we take late morning flights to allow for temps to rise. Each pup is shipped with a complete Veterinarian Health check an Acclimation stating at what temperatures the animal can endure for short periods of time, this is usually temps between 20* and 85*. USDA regulates no puppy may ship at less than 8 weeks of age, and without climate control, that any where along the route if temperatures are above 85* or below 20* they will not ship. Safety for the pup is top priority and it should be. With Continental they have ground transport climate control and there are no temp regulations.

Ship dates are scheduled weeks in advance , normally I do not have flight numbers and times until a day or two before the ship date. Due to concern of our National Security I use an known shipping Agent, the service they provide is a blessing, without it as individual shippers we would have to endure extensive time consuming security searches each and every time we ship. They screen and re-screen and take the responsibility on their shoulders to allow me to spend my time on more important things (our babies). I will request from you the following information all needed for flight scheduling and contact. You may include all of this info.

On your application to make correspondence easier.
Full name/s of anyone picking up the puppy.
All contact numbers cell/home/work for you the day of shipping.
The closest 3 Major Airports nearest to you and the letter Code for that airport.. Example: DFW SAN etc. When you receive notice from me about flight info. you will see the following, please be sure that you take this information with you in case there is a need to track shipping or to inquire about pick up. You will also need two forms of ID.
Airline—American Airline/Continental
AIR WAY BILL # Very Important
Departing City
Destination City
Flight #’s and times

It is a good idea to call the airport to find out where they prefer you to pick up your puppy, lobby/luggage/cargo. Every airport is different,  most American Airlines require you to pick up in the terminal at the Priority Parcel baggage claim office. They will require the above information. But please do not contact them until after departure time which will always be CENTRAL TIME. If you do they will not know a thing until that cargo is boarded.