Puppy Testimonial’s


Claire will turn 12 tomorrow. This girl is such a character, so loving and very smart. She is just the best dog I have ever been around. I think sometimes she is actually part human. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts our beautiful girl.

Bill Laubach

Best Dogs EVER

Raffi is the love of my life! His sweet personality and charm have gotten me through the hardest days in my life. He is the best cuddle bug EVER. His older sister Asoka is my care bear. Together these dogs have given me so much love and pure

Danielle Cartier Wendt

Cooper & Gunnar

Update on Furkids! Cooper is our newest love bug and Is an extremely good Doodle. Gunnar is our oldest furkid only 6 months old. Sharon always has the best dogs to offer. Thank you again for

Payton Baker


Sharon, Thank you so much for all you do! Luna is now a year and a half old. She passed her tests and is a registered Therapy Dog. She enjoys going to school with me everyday and wondering around to different classrooms to get her daily treats. She is the sweetest girl, absolutely no shedding,

Katie Kemp


Just wanted to say hi and let you know that Ollie our F1 Labradoodle is almost 12 and doing great! He has been the best dog ever he was from Jesse and Foo

Carol Carone


We picked up Springer at 8 weeks. He is the happiest, most calm puppy! He is smart and very receptive to training. We are thankful for Sharon and her care of the puppies and their parents. We met the parents when we picked our pup up and they were super friendly. We highly recommend Sharon



Life with Lucy has become my new normal, and I do not know what I did before she was always around. She turned one year old this week, and has surely grown since her picture, but still has the sweetest eyes and the prettiest smile. She comes to work with me, she’s with me all

Jared Holt

Coco’s yearly update

Hi, Hope all is well. Sending Coco’s yearly update, she turn 13 years old today and is doing great. She now thinks she’s the leader of the pack and running the house, she actually tells us what to do. The funny thing is we listen. How couldn’t we, when she’s been such a special girl



Auggie has been amazing with us bringing home 3 babies in her almost 10 years with us!! Greatest dog!! 🙂 We can’t wait to see pictures of the little one as she grows!! My kids can’t wait to name her and we also told our kids they need to do a better job of putting



Shadow is four months old and doing great! He is a bold, loving, loyal energetic pup who is super healthy. He loves to be out in the snow and the snow loves to form snowballs in his fur. Shadow is a great companion for Springer, a one year old golden doodle we got from Sharon

Judy Mansisidor