About Us

My Experience

I live in the SE corner of Kansas on a small 14 acre farm. I have been breeding and raising canines since 1998, but my experience goes much further back. I have only a handful of adult pairs, 4 Golendoodle females, 1 Lab female, 1 Female Australian Shepard, 2 Male Standard Poodles and 1 Male Goldendoodle.

I have introduced to the breeding program quality F1’s from my own unrelated breeding stock to continue into the True F2 second generation to maintain the 50/50 mix intended for these breeds, enhancing the Hybrid Vigor and duplicate the positive gene to avoid the purebred plaques so well known in pure breeds today..

I am registered and licensed in the State of Kansas. I respect my breeder pairs. Breeding girls once a year, not every heat cycle. She needs a break and needs to build strength and good health in order to produce the best quality pups. Care for the parent pairs with the right food, exercise and vitamins on a continual basis. The new arrivals are important to me as if they were my very own children, I nurture, I love, I hold, I cuddle, I talk, I sing, I have patience and this process I perform from day one until they leave my home.

I have hands on with each and everyone daily and strongly believe that socializing is as important as health. I am almost always there when they arrive and like any mother I’m counting toes, ears and checking every part of them. I morn when some don’t make it through the first hours, but I know in my heart there is a reason, so I do not question it. I am thankful that is not a common thing to deal with.

All of my pairs are health tested, genetically sound, kept up to date on all vaccinations, head to toe checks are by my Vet on her annual vet visit. Mothers to be are vet checked at least once during the last weeks before she is due to whelp. When I had to ship my first baby, from that minute I knew he was headed far away and on something that I myself have such a fear of, I tried to think of ways to help make this as comfortable for them as I possibly could. I even considered transporting them myself, but the time and stress on us all would not have been good. So I did and do the next best thing. I don’t have a plane, but I do live in the country, have a truck and the gravel roads make for some rough rides and roaring noises. So when pups are 5 to 6 weeks old we load up in the truck and head out to the new neighbors back forty, they love to go out and be in the middle of a 40 acre hay meadow, with tall green grass or inches of snow and I love it because they have nothing but grass or snow to hide in. Have you ever lost one of your children under a clothes rack in Wal-Mart? Remember that frantic feeling, yep I get that when I loose sight of one of my babies. We ride the gravel roads around the mile sections near our home and this gives them the feel of the bumps and sounds that would be most like that of a plane. I feel that these loud, bumpy trips in the truck help prepare them for the flights to their new families. It must work, most all families say babies have arrived calm and happy. Crate training is well started, so there’s no shock being put into a crate for the first time and accidents during their flights are rare. These guys start going out the doggy doors to take care of business at about 4 weeks old, I rarely have puppy pooh inside to clean and it’s a good thing too cause about that time the Mom’s stop cleaning up after them. I love the smell of puppy breath, but not puppy pooh! Along with flight school.

I start crate training in full force 2 to 3 x’s daily at age 6 ½ to 7 weeks to avoid stressing them too soon after they have been weaned, they ship in the same crate they have been training in and this is their security, the familiar smell helps keep them feeling more secure, they also take along their “Stinky Blankie”. Aroma therapy, I guess pooh! Don’t smell like pooh! to everyone.

I hope that by reading this information you can understand why I am picky about who gets these bundles and I hope you can feel the care I put into each one. I want them to be whole and I want you to be happy with the newest member of your family, a very well rounded & socialized member, that will grow with you and your family for years to come.

Please never hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns. I thank each and everyone of you for considering one of my extended family members into your family.
Sharon “Dawgma”