Puppy Testimonial’s


Zack crossed the rainbow bridge 5/28/21. His parents were Sassy and Rowdy. Zack turned 12 on March 10th. He was a MO-KAN Pet Partner therapy dog for 8 years with over 600 visits. I estimate he put a smile on 20,000 faces during his working career. Best known as a gentle giant (100#), red shoes,

Ronald Carnes

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2/25/2022 I am hoping/praying that I have all of my years of Guestbook entries still avail. When I question why I do this? Why I slide on the ice, why I fall on the ice, why I lose sleep waiting for babies to arrive or making sure the weak one’s get strong or leave this

The Dawgma


We received little Coco 2 months ago and could not have been more pleased with Sharon. Our puppy was in perfect health when we received her and has a little bundle of joy since then. By the way Sharon Coco adapted great to our weather conditions, she loves playing in the snow here and with

Don & Tinny Hoffman


We adopted a Labradoodle puppy from Sharon 2 months ago. We love Ashley. She is great with our children (4 & 6). She did well in puppy classes although she did show some aggression towards the other puppy in class who was older & bigger. She sheds minimally so far & has very little “DO”



Ryan, a labradoodle from Sharon, is absolutely wonderful. I have attached his puppy picture and a picture at 8 months with my grandson. He’s smart, beautiful and terrific with children.

Linda Richardson


Emma has been such a great addition to the household. Emma is now a little over 3 months old and she already has free run of the house and yard. She is in doggie school and seems sharp as a tack! We really do enjoy having Emma in our family.

Darrie Wohlman